Posted By: Admin on Friday, July 6, 2012

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

The Roots are an American hip-hop band that formed in 1987. The song Aaron Edgar covers in this video is called “Boom!” and is taken from The Roots’ 2004 release The Tipping Point. Before pressing play get your favorite drink, sit back and relax while you watch Aaron Edgar groove and play a little drum solo at the end of the tune. More »

Posted By: Admin on Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

A metric modulation increases or decreases the tempo at what you’re playing, in relation to the note value setting the pulse. You can think of a metric modulation as a rhythmic illusion. This concept is quite common in classical music but has made its way to drum-set playing through guys like Tony Williams and Vinnie Colaiuta. Applying this concept to the drum set can seem quite daunting if not explained correctly. However, through simple methods, Aaron Edgar shows you exactly how to do a metric modulation in this video. If you’re not sure about how to use a metric modulation, you will be after watching this free drum lesson. More »