How To EQ Overheads & Cymbals

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Drums are usually miked with at least one dedicated microphone. Cymbals are a totally different animal in that field, in that you can easily get away with capturing their sound with overhead microphones only, or by complementing them with dedicated microphones on the hi-hat and/or ride. In this free drum lesson, DrumLessons.com sound engineer Victor Guidera and Jared Falk, show you exactly how to EQ the sound captured by overhead, and dedicated hi-hat and ride microphones, so you can get the best sounding cymbals as possible for any live and studio application.

It’s important that you take the time to learn how to mic your cymbals properly, and learn about common technical terms and theory behind drum set miking for both live and studio settings, before you watch this free video drum lesson on cymbal EQuing. You can educate yourself about these subjects by watching the free video drum lessons “How To Mic Cymbals” and “Drum Set Mic Technique Overview“. The knowledge you’ll acquire from those free drum lessons will prove to be invaluable as you learn how to EQ cymbals.

As soon as you’re done with this free drum lesson on EQuing cymbals, pick and choose between the free drum lessons “How To EQ A Bass Drum“, “How To EQ A Snare Drum“, and “How To EQ Toms” to learn how to EQ the other instruments on your drum set.




  • Mike says:

    Do you have any lessons on compression? I really enjoy your lessons, very helpful!! I’ve been working as a sound tech for my church for 5+ years. I’m working with a yamaha M7CL Digital Mixer. I’m currently wanting to change the way the drums sound, for the better I hope. I LOVE to mix but, never really got too technical until now. I always kind of “winged it”. So if you can help me with compression that would be great! Thanks!


  • Tornado Troy says:

    What brand/kind of microphones are you using for these setups?

  • tassy sandor says:

    It’s Great Jared!

    EQing drums is a basic need we drummers have to know to make the audience hear nice drumset in the music either live or recorded.

    I have seen a lot EQ-ing on the net, but all of them just a studio work after recording.
    Yours is the first that shows it live!

    Thanks a lot

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