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Bass Drum Triple Strokes

Bass Drum Boot Camp

Being able to play fast, powerful double strokes on the bass drum with one foot is amongst the holy grails of drumming. Techniques like the slide and the heel-toe have been taught over the years as the cornerstones of bass drum double strokes for louder styles of music. However, in the midst of the bass-drum-double-stroke craze, drummers neglected an important aspect of bass drumming: bass drum triple strokes. In this free video drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you how to take the most popular techniques for playing fast bass drum double strokes and morph them into a single technique that will allow you to play fast bass drum triple strokes with one foot.

Much like playing bass drum double strokes with one foot, playing bass drum triple strokes with one foot enables you to keep your weakest leg on the hi-hat stand. This would not be possible if you relied completely on a double pedal. Having one foot on the hi-hat pedal allows you to incorporate the hi-hat in a lot of different ways: opening/closing the hi-hat during grooves, keeping time during fills, just to name a few.

Before delving head first into this free drum lesson, you have to access your ability with both the heel-toe technique and the slide technique, especially with the first one. Playing fast bass drum triple strokes with Jared Falk‘s technique requires you to have total control over the heel-toe technique and a bit of knowledge on the slide technique.

This Lesson Has 6 Comments

  • carlos neto says:

    hi Jared i am looking forward from learning from freelessons.com one can learn all that he needs to become a pro drummer like your self. Thanks

  • jesse says:

    just loved the groove

  • Anton Robbesom says:

    Hallo Jared,

    Is this the same exercise (triplet stroke) on the Intermediate Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed lesson?
    If not what are the difference?
    I love the sound of it.

    Thank you!

    • Janado says:

      Yes, it’s the same technique. You can use exercise #2 from the Intermediate Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed Lesson to work on it.

  • Dan says:

    Good job, helped alot, so since i was trying to just slide to do a triple this has turned out easy for me, got a hang of it in a couple of days. Thanks again

  • philip akowuah says:

    this is dream come true


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