IMPORTANT: Your Confirmation is Required!

You are just one click away from securing your free Practice Routine Generator.

As an anti-spam advocate – I want to be absolutely sure that all Practice Routine Generator subscribers have actually requested the information. That way, nobody ever receives an e-mail that they didn’t personally request.

Therefore, it is required that all subscribers double-opt in. What does that mean? Well, it consists of two simple steps – and you’ve already completed one:

     Check   1. Enter your name and e-mail address in the form (completed).

     Uncheck   2. Click the "confirmation" link within an e-mail just sent to you (not completed).

IMPORTANT: To complete the second step, simply check the e-mail inbox for the address you provided on the previous page. There should be a "confirmation" e-mail for you to open. Just read its short message and follow the instructions to double opt-in.

Here is what to do if the confirmation e-mail
doesn’t come through in the next five minutes…

Sometimes over-aggressive spam filters can block the Practice Routine Generator confirmation e-mail due to the fact that it is sent from an automated internet server (which is required for instant delivery). Here are some tips to help you get the e-mail if it doesn’t show up within 5 minutes…

  1. Check your spam/junk/bulk mail folder
    Check your spam, junk, or bulk mail folder and ensure the e-mail didn’t get sent there by mistake. If it did – mark it as "not spam" and add the source to your safe list.
  2. Resubscribe to confirm your e-mail address
    If you don’t have the e-mail in your inbox, or your spam/junk mail folder – you may want to try resubscribing. The address could have had a typo, or have simply gone through our system incorrectly.
  3. Contact us via e-mail to let us know
    If neither option one or two worked for you – please e-mail (support @ drumlessons.com) to let us know. We will do out best to track down the problem and get it solved right away!