Beginner 16th Note Linear Drum Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Linear patterns – whether in drum beat or drum fill format – are patterns that are played without overlapping strokes. You won’t find any unison figure in this type of pattern. In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches three linear drum fills – known as hand-to-feet combinations – that you can use to further enrich your drum fill library and get used to playing this type of idea around the drum set. During the video, Jared goes into some detail about how to use these three drum fills for coming up with linear patterns of your own as well.

As soon as you’re able to play these drum fills as written, add the hi-hat to the mix by pressing on its pedal for all the quarter notes. This will add a completely new dimension to these drum fills, making them way more challenging to perform.

If you’d like to keep exploring this concept, go through the linear drum fills while pressing the hi-hat pedal on all the 8th notes and on the off-beat 8th notes. You can also use the drumless version of the song “Calling” from the rock band Dying Hearts Desire to practice these linear drum fills or any of your own variations.

Once you’re done with this drum lesson, you can take the linear concept and apply it to drum beats. We encourage you to check out the free drum lesson “Beginner Drum Chops” (‘chops’ often refer to linear patterns) to get you started right away. If you’d rather keep furthering your knowledge on linear drum fills, take a look at “Intermediate 16th Note Linear Drum Fills” and “Beginner Double Bass Drum Fills“.




  • Japhet obed says:

    I love it!

  • Alistair Mendonsa says:

    Great for a drum fill. Very creative.

  • Ali Taştan says:

    That was a good lesson. You are a great teacher :p

  • Lee says:

    Excellent lessons, explained very clearly and concisely!

  • jason zaldana says:

    what exercise helps with using doubles with the pedal during 1 measure fills ?

  • Phillip Hendrix says:

    awsome, this lesson gave me some good ideas and is inovative thanks man your the bomb!

  • MJ says:

    Thank you so much for all your videos, Im a beginners and you really inspired me to give this a go. Takecare and may God bless you more!!!

  • Brian Knoch says:

    These lessons are great! I didn’t realize how much my right hand wanted to trump the left while doing this exercise. It seems like an un-natural movement, but it doesn’t take long to get the brain and muscles working how you want. Thank you for these great lessons!!!!

  • ustaknow says:

    Even as a Drumeo member, I still come back to these as, cross linked elsewhere. It’s always great to review like this. When pulled away from drums, I spend time *relearning in cycles, getting back up to speed — this helps. (I use Lionels Rudiments pack for that too — right back to book one for a week or two, etc.) Thank you.

  • Walman says:

    Beginning drummer at the age of 60 plus. Thanks for your patience and great explanations during these lessons.Keep encouraging us newbies with these incredible lessons…. thanks !!!

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