Beginner Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed

Bass Drum Boot Camp

Getting faster with the bass drum foot is a matter of how much time you spend improving your pedal technique with the right set of exercises and tips. In this free video drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you three exercises that are great for working on your bass drum speed with either heel-up or heel-down playing. He also shares some important tips on foot technique and methods for practicing the exercises accurately. These exercises can be used with each foot individually so you can improve your double bass drumming chops as well. Remember that you’re as fast as your slowest foot.

This free drum lesson is a resource of exercises and tips for beginner students. However, even intermediate and advanced students can benefit from it. You can easily transform these exercises into more challenging ones by increasing the speed at what you play them. You can use them to work on your independence by going through them while playing various combinations of snare drum and hi-hat patterns as well. This way, you’ll be working on your bass drum speed at the same time as you develop independence.

Dave Atkinson, from the DrumLessons.com team of instructors, shares cool tips and tricks that will help you on your quest to increase bass drum speed, in the free drum lesson “Double Bass Speed Tips“. The tips are directed to double bass drummers but are extremely useful to single bass drummers as well.

The patterns featured herein develop your ability to play a continuous stream of single strokes. As you work through them, focus on keeping the strokes consistent. If you’re interested in developing double and even triple strokes with your feet, check the free drum lesson “Intermediate Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed” next.