Heel-Toe Technique Beats

Bass Drum Boot Camp

In this free video drum lesson, sensei Jared Falk teaches you how to apply the heel-toe technique to your drumming through six very cool drum beat examples taken from the popular 14-hour long Bass Drum Secrets 2.0 training pack. We’ve included patterns for beginners, intermediate, and advanced drummers. Whether you’ve just began working on the heel-toe technique, or if you’ve been playing it for a while, there is something here for you to practice and take your bass drum technique to a whole new level.

Before going through this free drum lesson, it’s essential that you go back and watch the free drum lesson where Jared teaches you how to play the heel-toe technique. That lessons breaks down the heel-toe technique for you, showing you exactly how and what to practice to develop it. The most common myths associated with the heel-toe technique are debunked in that lesson as well, like foot size, type of footwear and bass drum pedal.

These drum beats can actually be used to develop the slide technique as well. The slide technique, much like the heel-toe technique is used to play quick double strokes with the feet. We have a free drum lesson on DrumLessons.com that teaches you how to play the slide technique. If you’re curious about it you should definitely check it out. If you’d like to learn how to apply the heel-toe technique to your drum fills watch the free drum lesson “Heel-Toe Technique Fills” next.