Beginner 16th Note Linear Drum Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Linear patterns, whether in drum beat or drum fill format are patterns which are played without overlapping strokes. Therefore, you won’t find any unison figure in this type of pattern. In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches three linear drum fills – known as hand-to-feet combinations – that you can use to further enrich your drum fill library and get used to playing this type of idea around the drum set. During the video, Jared goes into some detail about how to use these three drum fills for coming up with linear patterns of your own as well.

As soon as you’re able to play these drum fills as written, add the hi-hat to the mix by pressing on its pedal for all the quarter notes. This will add a completely new dimension to these drum fills, making them way more challenging to perform. If you’d like to keep exploring this concept, go through the linear drum fills while pressing the hi-hat pedal on all the 8th notes and on the off-beat 8th notes only. You can also use the drumless version of the song “Calling” from the rock band Dying Hearts Desire, that we have on this website, to practice these linear drum fill or any other of your own variations.

Once you’re done with this free drum lesson, you can take the linear concept and apply it to drum beats. We encourage you to check the free drum lesson “Beginner Linear Drum Beats” to get you started right away. If you’d rather keep furthering your knowledge on linear drum fills, we encourage you to check the free drum lessons “Intermediate 16th Note Linear Drum Fills” and “Beginner Double Bass Drum Fills“.




  • Bob Sayer says:

    Jared Like the way you break things (sticking etc) down in logical sequence instead of Others? they Play a demo & say take it to your kit. I’m a 65 year young beginner from OZ & love Mike & Lionels product DVDS etc, with Your style you tend to fill in the gaps online & completes the picture. Bloody Good Work!

  • Dean Swan says:

    That’s cool. I came up with a new fill on my own before watching this that has the concept of starting with your right and switching to the left as I go around the tom’s and I really like the feel to it. Thanks for another good lesson I can take to my kit and play around with.

  • andy murray says:

    Thats a great lesson!! This is my new favorite website 🙂

  • Brooklyn says:

    Thanks a ton Jared! Totally got me going. This lesson helped me get new ideas and techniques down and sounds amazing! Again, thanks!!!!!

  • Manu says:

    Thanks for all the useful lessons Jared! You are a gr8 Human being!

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    Thx for the lesson ! Great !

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    these lessons are inspiring. your enthusiasm helpful encouraging tips, comments and willingness to share your obvious ability without patronising beginners makes drumming seem easy and improvement attainable for all…great fun..great teacher!

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    That was a great lesson thank you for taking the time out to make it.

  • angus says:

    jeez alot of comments well heres mine to mr falk can you please post videos on beginner latin beats if you do thatll be awsome youre a great teacher and have helped alot in the past thanks jared

  • Dareous Davis says:

    love this lesson as a dedicated drummer i feel i can continue to grow with challenges like this one oh yea keep drumming

  • Mohit Talwar says:

    You are a Genius……i love the way you teaches the drums fills…love the way you teaches drums lesson….all these lessons are veryy veryy helpful for me….Thanks For all these…..

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    Jared u da man.Great stuff 4 us giggin drummers dat think we’re good enuff.Always room 4 lots of improvement.Tanx man u rock.

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    Jared, you rock my freaking world. This is exactly what i need, along with everything else on this website! thank you so much!

  • jean-marc says:

    thanks for the great lesson jared but i wanna know could you post a lesson teaching the crazy army drum beat thank you

  • Kurt B says:

    I’ve been having a difficult time getting more creative with fills, this is definitely what I need to help me improve. Awesome lesson, thx Jared.

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    OMG !!! … was very Difficult to learn it for myself! I Don’t Believe That had this lesson here! x.x … from Brazil !

  • Pookie says:

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  • Luís says:

    Fantastic lesson, I need to pratice more and more to be like you !
    I heard a lot yhis fills on my favority songs, and I always want to play them, and I will . (:
    Luís form Portugal.

  • Paulo says:

    Very nice lesson, man! I try to come up with 16h note fills and it always ends the same thing (the 2nd you showed on this video). This will really help. Thanks!!

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    Thank you for the great advise. I have been trying to teach myself to play drums and since finding your site it has helped me out in a big way.

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  • Edu says:

    Hello Jared,

    You help me so much uploading all this free lessons. Sometimes a get frustated because I allways practice the same rudiments and watching all your videos I can learn more exercises.
    In addition I learn english because you speak great.
    Thank you man for you share.

    Edu (Spain)

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    This video is amazing.. Thanks for making it easier for me to follow and most importantly make me feel like picking up my stick and hit the drum now!

  • john says:

    These lessons are fab! all i need nows a drum kit ha,its a shame ur in canada wouldnt mind a jam session.

  • Martin says:

    This video has really inspired me to play drums just like you! I do not have a set yet. I just watch the videos and I like them very much. You teach drums very well, I have been a member for about a month and I am watching more videos of your drumming everyday. I will continue to watch your drum videos and be inspired to play drums. I like the way you play a rhythm slow then fast to compare the two. I am going to watch in time all of the videos on this website. You are all great drummers, I wish one day I can be half as good as you are now.

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      Hey Jared, well I’m pretty much the same as Ed Wright there. I’ve been playing for about 40 yrs now as well, with a lay-off for about 2 yrs or so due to health complications. Man, Jared just blows my mind with his playing, and is really helping me to get my chops back up to par as well. I can’t believe how fast this guy (Jared) can play some things. Like the single, double and triple Paradiddle between the snare, hi-hats, kick and ride cymbal. He is very inspiring and really makes a fella’ want to get behind the kit and practice.

  • Ron says:

    I’m 39 and my sons are 12 and 10. My 12 yr old really wants to learn drumming. I bought a set and found this site. I don’t know who is having more fun, him or me. I appreciate the info you provide. My son and I have found something else to do together. Your lessons help with that. Now if I can just get him to appreciate the leagcy that is ZZ Top… haha. Keep on truckin’, bud!! Thanks.

  • Rodrigo says:

    Really easy to follow lesson. Although I´ve playing for around 3 years, and use the structure of the fills, watching the video make me realize that perhaps I´m playing a little bit monotonous. Greetings from México.

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    alright? alright? alright? alright? ALRIGHT????????????? you say alright tooooooooooooo many timz, alright? dont b afraid to brake the stix, alright? ur funny and an amazing drummma! i love you more than justin bieber! (lies);)


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    Thanks for a great lesson. I can’t wait to try these fills out. The step by step instruction is very clear, I love it.

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