Building Your Weaker Hand

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Whatever the level your strongest limbs are at, your drumming will suffer greatly if you neglect the weakest ones. You see, you’re as fast and controlled as your weakest limbs. The more you work on developing your weaker hand and weaker foot, the more speed and control you’ll acquire. This will not only reflect on your facility with those limbs but also on your drumming as a whole. As you may already have guessed it, this free drum lesson focuses exclusively on developing the weaker hand. Jared Falk goes about this by charing five practical applications that you can use around the drum set or on a practice pad.

It’s well known that we humans show an innate preference for one side of the body. This means that the limbs on that side are used more often and predominantly than the ones on the other. Over time we acquire great facility with the main limbs while the others become more weak. This leads to lack of control, strength, and coordination. To overcome this hindrance you have to start using your weakest limbs more often, not only in your drumming but also in your day-to-day activities. Brushing your teeth, opening doors, and writing–if you’re really hardcore–are great ways to start working on your weaker hand while not on the drum set.

This free drum lesson is filled with great exercises for developing your weaker hand. If you’d like to work on your weaker foot as well, we encourage to take the exercises from the free drum lesson “Developing The Left Foot” and incorporate them into your practice sessions. Although that lesson has left in the title, it’s aimed at every drummer who wants to work on their weakest foot.