Intermediate Ghost Notes

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you how to play drum beats that incorporate ghost notes as 16th note triplets, and exercises where the ghost notes are played exactly one 16th note after and before accented shots. Jared also goes through some ways you can practice these drum beats for developing them accurately. These are challenging drum beats that will greatly improve your hand technique, feel, and ability to play dynamically.

If you haven’t so, be sure to check the free drum lesson “Beginner Ghost Notes” before you go through this one. It’s important for your development as a drummer to take a step-by-step approach on anything you learn how to play. Going through the free drum lesson “Beginner Ghost Notes” will enable you to assimilate the basic techniques and independence needed to perform quality ghost notes. This is something you must have before you tackle these intermediate drum beats.

Much like we talked about in the beginner lesson on ghost notes, you can start by focusing on the hand patterns and just leave the feet out of the equation at first. Playing the 16th notes just after and before the accented snare shots of exercises #1 and #2 requires a certain degree of hand technique. Practice this at a slow tempo and with the help of a metronome. Concentrate on playing consistent sounding and evenly spaced ghost notes. You can actually practice these transitions between high-low and low-high dynamics on a practice pad if you can’t get to a drum set.

You can keep expanding on the content from this free drum lesson by taking these 16th note and 16th note triplet ghost notes and applying them to other drum beats on DrumLessons.com. We encourage you to do so with the free drum lesson “Intermediate Linear Drum Beats“. If you’d rather keep expanding on your knowledge of ghost note applications, we encourage you to check the free drum lessons “Introduction To Breakbeats” and “Advanced Ghost Notes” next.

Another very cool way of making these intermediate drum beats that much interesting is messing around with the hi-hat patterns, while playing the snare and bass drums as notated. Check the free drum lesson “Broken Hi-Hat Concepts” to learn how you can move away from the 8th note pattern on the hi-hat, and play more intricate, broken, and original patterns of your own.




  • Leslie Daniels says:

    I so happy to be apart of this exercise

  • desp says:

    PDF cheetsheet link does not work. 🙁

  • Yac says:

    I have an electronic kit and it seems that if my stroke is too weak the modulator won’t detect it at all. This happens especially on the second exercise, but if I remove my headset I can hear the sound coming from the snare (sounds about the same as a practice pad)
    Question is can a ghost note be too low on a real kit?

  • Ilija says:

    I was wondering if I can get instant access to secret lessons,weekly challenges and rudiment guide at the same time? P.S. It’s 11:30 in Serbia now 😀

  • Ilija says:

    Can I get weekly challenges,secret lessons and rudiment system for free?

  • Ajay says:

    hey jared i was just wondering what you were doing for that fill that you ended the beat at the very beginning of video. Looks sweet, i think you probably did a lesson on something like it, but it’s too fast for me to tell. Thanks!

  • Andrew says:

    Can you do ghost notes on the toms and have them sound good, or is it only the snare?

    • Janado says:

      Hey Andrew,

      You can play great sounding ghost notes on whatever instrument you have on your drum set – and yes, even the bass drum. Hope this helps.

      Take care.

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