Flam Accent Madness

The flam accent was one of the 13 patterns chosen to take part in the first collection of essential drum rudiments. In 1936 it was included in the 26 American Drum Rudiments and in 1984 in the 40 International Drum Rudiments. Due to its relevance in the world of rudimental drumming and applicability around the drum set, Jared Falk created this free drum lesson to show you exactly how to use the flam accent creatively within drum fills.

Before tackling this free drum lesson we encourage you to watch this one. In it, Lionel Duperron breaks the flam accent down for you and teaches how to apply it to drum beats and drum fills. The patterns you’ll find within are actually easier to play than the ones from this free drum lesson. Therefore, going through that lesson first will actually help you nail the drum fills from this one way faster.

Like most drum rudiments out there, the flam accent is an underrated pattern. The general feel is that most drum rudiments are useless and not at all applicable to the drum set. Like most things in life, drum rudiments are what you make of them. A great example of the flam accent’s applicability is the drum fill Travis Barker starts with a right-hand flam accent between the snare drum and the rack tom in the second verse of Flo Rida’s “Low” remix.

Hopefully, this free drum lesson will open your eyes to what can actually be accomplished with pretty much any of the 40 drum rudiments if you just use your imagination. If you’d like more ideas on how to take any drum rudiment from a pad and apply it creatively around the drum set, check the free drum lessons from the drum rudiment section on DrumLessons.com and “Expressing Yourself On The Drums.”




  • Sam says:

    This is a great site! Keep up the videos, and thank you!

  • KPAPALE says:

    Awesome..more of this please..:-) .. i love your lessons.. it’s a huge help.more power to you..

  • danny rhodes says:

    great lesson, I’ve learned so much from this website…please keep them coming

  • John Ramos says:

    Nice post! this tutorial will help most of the drummers specially for the beginners. it will be a great help for them to develop their skills.

  • Micah says:

    This was so Great! Great lesson. Thanks so much, this will be fun on my kit.

  • Mean Dean says:

    I would love to see a part 2 with feet application. Thanks

  • eitan says:

    cool stuff!!!
    can you show in vidios like that one how would you improvise with these kind of patterns over the sner, hat & bass???
    thnx XD….

  • protim says:

    great exercise i use flams alot and the last one was really cool.

  • Wayne says:

    Hi, Jared.
    Thanks for the fantastic lessons, it has helped. I fould like to know how you play the grove pattern in your intro of flams. It sounds really cool but I am not sure how you play the base and the snare. I would appreciate your answer.

    Have a super day
    South Africa

  • Sanchine says:

    not bad jared,its a great lesson i hope this works for my flams

    • Sreekumar says:

      I just got the iPhone 3GS and I love having the video reonrdicg function. But I want to get an app where I can add awesome effects and zoom! What is the best app for that? Thanks for all your opinions.

  • Kenneth Switzer says:

    Great lesson Jared,
    I’m fairly new to drumming and I’m always looking for ways to use the rudiments in my playing

    • Abdallah says:

      There is no app available that can be dodneoawld and change the hardware in your phone, because that is what it has to do to improve either the video or audio qualities of your phone. If you want better video quality, use a camcorder, not a damn phone to shoot videos.

  • Travis says:

    yah, Accompaniment w/ feet. or combinations between the 2

    • John says:

      What’s common with moeivs is that they release trailers way before the movie becomes available on theaters. Will the same thing work with iPhone apps? A lot of developers makes videos of their apps in action just when the app is available. Would it make more sense to make it available before the app is available, especially if it’s an impulse-purchase type of app?

  • xiezhixing says:

    不好意思,又弄错了,是 上一个视频的伴奏呢??

  • xiezhixing says:


  • Travis says:

    could there possibly be a follow up w/ foot application?

  • Jesper Brun says:

    The lesson was just great. I use a lot of rudiments
    in my soloing on the drums and this gave me some
    new awesome licks. More of these would be nice, especially
    the single flammed mill. Keep drumming and teaching.

  • Yute says:

    I tend to use flams alot when I’m playing as they are a relatively simple rudiment to use to start fills…Great lesson. Ill be taking these to the kit…1Love!!!

  • Code1 says:

    The last exercise is awesome!

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