Drum Play-Along - Punk Rock

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this video, Jared Falk jams along to a hard hitting and fast paced punk rock drum play-along. This punk rock drum play-along is a great place for you to practice all kinds of punk rock drum beats and drum fills. This free drum play-along comes with three MP3s that you can download and use to play along or study with – one with the drum tracks removed, an alternate version with a metronome added in, and a full band track that you can use for further studying Jared’s licks or for enjoying the music.

Start by watching Jared jam along to the punk rock drum play-along, so you can have an overall idea of the drum play-along’s structure and feel. Once you’ve watched the video, take the drum play-alongs to your drum set and see what you can come up with. If you’re a beginner drummer, start by jamming along to the version with a metronome added in. This will help you keep basic time while learning how to play along to this song. When you’re able to keep a steady tempo, you can start jamming along to the version that doesn’t include a metronome.

If you don’t know what drum beats and drum fills to play, take some of the ideas Jared Falk demonstrates in the video just so you can get started. You can also check the free drum lesson “Beginner Punk Rock Drum Beats” to learn how to play for some basic patterns. That free drum lesson features a list of influential bands and drummers in this style of music, so you can keep furthering your study of this style of drumming and music if your heart desires. For all you intermediate drummers out there, check the free drum lesson “Intermediate Punk Rock Drum Beats” for more challenging and complex punk rock drum beats.

What if we told you this drum play-along can be used to improve your internal clock; hand, foot and showmanship techniques; odd-time drumming, beats and fills? Intrigued?! Watch the free drum lesson “Practicing With Play-Alongs” to learn more about this.