Jingle Bells

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Christmas is just around the corner. In the spirit of this holiday season, we decided to endow you with a very special Christmas drum play-along and a fun video to go along with it. In order to wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy 2013, we got all the DrumLessons.com and Drumeo office staff to the studio to record their performance of this Christmas drum play-along. We don’t all play drums, so bare with us. Happy holidays and hope you have fun.

Last year we had Santa Claus playing drums while one of his helpers sang a very special Christmas song for you. If you’d like to watch that rendition of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, click on this link. Enjoy!


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  • Josh says:

    My sister said the same thing when she saw my 1st drum set “what are these feet things” lol. Love all the lessons really helped me get started drumming. I started playing bass guitar but I wanted to branch out and learn other rhythm instruments and thanks to y’all I’m learning drums a lot quicker than if I tried to learn by myself. Awesome job y’all

  • xzx says:

    Excuse me, how much is the BPM

  • xiezhixing says:

    The bpm is how much?