Drum Play-Along - Half Time Shuffle

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this video, Jared Falk plays through a very mellow and relaxed shuffle based drum play-along. This drum play-along has a very cool structure to it. Not only can you take advantage of it for practicing shuffle drum beats, but also for practicing some solo ideas and drum fills to setup “shots”. This free drum lesson comes with three MP3s that you can download and use to play along or study with – one with the drum tracks removed, an alternate version with a metronome added in, and a full band track that you can use for further studying Jared’s licks or for enjoying the music.

Start by watching Jared jam along to this half-time shuffle drum play-along, so you can have an overall idea of the drum play-along’s structure and feel. After watching the video, take the drum play-alongs to your drum set and see what you can come up with. If you’re a beginner drummer, start by jamming along to the version with a metronome added in. This will help you keep basic time while learning how to play along to this song. When you’re able to keep a steady tempo, start jamming along to the version that doesn’t include a metronome. If you don’t know what drum beats or drum fills to play, steal some of the ideas Jared demonstrates in the video or learn to play essential shuffle patterns and the “Rossana Shuffle.”

What if we told you this drum play-along can be used to improve your internal clock; hand, foot and showmanship techniques; odd-time drumming, beats and fills? Intrigued?! Watch the free drum lesson “Practicing With Play-Alongs” to learn more about this.

Drum fills can be used as “setups” for “shots” or “hits”. Shots are accented notes that have to be played by the drummer at the exact same time as the other members of the band. Setups are the drum fills used to prepare the band to play shots. The bridge section on this drum play-along allows you to practice these type of drum fills as well as some solo ideas. This drum play-along is a lot of fun and lets you practice a lot of different aspects of your drumming. Have fun!




  • Cristo says:

    Can we get the sheet music for this?

  • Rodrigo says:

    Hey everyone, I keep clicking on the lesson resources buttons to download the play along, and I all I get is a tab where the music plays but I don’t see anywhere to download it. Can someone help? Thanks.

    And by the way, awesome sutff Jared.

  • Jeremi says:

    Ok….It’s monday…i havnt been able to play over the weekend cause my downstairs neighbors are home and I dont want to push my luck with the thumping on the floor with the bass…so on weekends i do rudiments on the P-pad…It took me about an hour to recapture the groove to where I was on friday…but im back on track and now I can manage to throw in the open high hat and the first cymbal crash after the open without losing the groove (Most of the time)… we’ll see how I do today

  • Jeremi says:

    YAY!!!!… just played the groove…my first ever time able to do a shuffle beat…IN TIME TO THE ENTIRE SONG!!!!…and sounded like i knew what i was doing…LOL…GO ME!!!

  • Jeremi says:

    I know this doesn’t mean much to most people…people with life long severe add will understand… but I can play my first shuffle beat ever in my life because I was just properly diagnosed and treated…. AND BECAUSE OF THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE!!!… i’ve been listening and repeating Jared’s groove and I cant do it at the songs speed yet but I can keep an even slower tempo so far… the world has no IDEA how happy I am about this… I know it’s not much for most people…and it may seem trivial but for me this is unbelievable stuff…. THANK YOU JARED FOR YOUR PART!!!…lol… I know i seem nuts… but im just overjoyed

    • Dave says:

      Hey Jeremi,
      Great story ! I believe I may have ADD too. And if you don’t mind me asking,how was is diagnosed ? And what were the treatments ?
      Thanks Bro !

    • Jeremi says:

      Man just see a doctor… not all doctors are up to date on attention disorders… My sons doctor was the one that noticed i may have a problem cause my son was diagnosed and he noticed I show symptoms (cause he knows me for years and made an observation)… he said its a hereditary condition and my son probably got it from me… so I said hay what the heck… my personal doctor told me he’s not really a believer in attention problems in adults and really didnt show too much interest in helping me find out… so I went online and searched ” ADD adult and {my home town} treatment, and doctors”… I found one… they did several assessments (HAD TO TELL THEM THE STORY OF MY LIFE…LOL)… I was just honest… and they said I am a pretty bad case and they assessed medicines and seeing a regular therapist… FROM DAY ONE I WAS ABLE TO PRACTICE AND LEARN THINGS I COULDN’T BEFORE…My life is different now… I always thought I was not disciplined enough to practice and pay attention… Just look for someone in your area that can assess you… If you do have it treatment will change your life

  • Kumar says:

    Hey Jared this was awesome!! just wondering if you could do the Bonham shuffle!

  • Ronald Maratas says:

    Love your ghost beats on the snare.

  • Nathan says:

    Awesome stuff.. This is, like code1 said, pure groovin’. I dug it. And man, those cymbals sound good.

  • Dave says:

    Sweet Groove !!!!

  • kane says:

    haha so mellow great timing on the cymbals

  • code1 says:

    That was pure groovin’! Nice!

  • Rick says:

    AHH….The Bernard Purdie shuffle!!! Fun stuff!

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