Advanced Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed

Bass Drum Boot Camp

This is the last free drum lesson on developing speed with your bass drum foot. The exercises you’ll find here are very challenging and will have you working on 16th note triplet and 32nd note double strokes, as well as developing your feel for going from one note value to the other with a greater ease. Jared Falk, your instructor for this lesson, also takes the time to give you some cool tips on how to count these exercises and how to practice them effectively.

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate student we highly recommend you check the free drum lessons “Beginner Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed” and “Intermediate Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed” before you go through this one. Be sure to follow these free drum lessons in order. Jumping ahead will just hinder you progress. Taking things in a step-by-step approach will have you developing your pedal technique a lot faster and accurately. So don’t rush the learning process – you’ll be better off in the long run.

Make sure you have the stroke sequence memorized before you add the metronome in. Although these are advanced exercises it’s very important that you start them out slowly. Work on playing consistent sounding and evenly spaced strokes for each tempo marking. Focus on control and on playing these exercises without stopping, for long periods of time. This will enable you to line your strokes perfectly with a metronome while greatly developing your muscles in what regards power, control, stamina, and of course, speed. Once you’re able to play fast double strokes with your foot, check the free drum lesson “Beginner Punk Rock Drum Beats” to put your new chops to good use.




  • enrique says:

    thunx jared

  • Bernardo182 says:

    Cool shirt bro!
    I can see that you’re also a Conan O’brien fan.
    Nice video btw.

    keep on rocking!

  • Jeremi says:

    AAAHHHH!!! I soooooo wanna get better at my bass druming but I SUK!!!… Im gonna keep at it even though it sounds like I’m trying to fart out a sonata….

    But this video has improved me so there’s hope

    • christian says:

      well as jared always seems to say: take it slow, learn the order of the notes, then line it up to a metronome and get everything playing at the right time

  • Luke says:

    A lot easier with a good pedal unlike mine

    • Owusu says:

      Hi ddahvsiek i know your video is not showing the same thing,but i still need advise to choose between these two meshs for my mod.Do you think take one mesh or the other will not make any difference on my case? Or you can’t tell,period?Thanks anyway!

  • rohit says:

    i wanna be a drummer please help me i am from india!!!!!!!!!

    • Ram says:

      ive had this kit for a year now, its prtety epic. say what you want about it but i reckon with good tuning, tweaking, etc this kit gives those pro drum kits a run for there money

  • gable dyer says:

    cool drum video

  • Jeremy says:

    Hi Jared.

    How do you get control of the pedal like that? playing around with the tension? I also play with heel toe.

    • Cesar says:

      some time back dont do drugs while the kids are in the house nick on his pbulic site. yeah, nick’s done, he blew his chance. great player but sorry bud. one of my heroes, take it easy.

  • Ashane says:

    realy good good stuff! i followed previous two lessons also… !!! thank you jared

  • Paul says:

    Great. I really need this for myself and a few others in church. hey, I’m hooked alredy. love it.

  • Matty says:

    Good stuff. These single pedal vids are really helping me as a new drummer. Thanks!

  • AlexM says:

    Nice lesson, the 3rd exercise is really hard, gotta practice it more often.

  • Greg says:

    Sean’s flat foot technique works best for me, over heel toe. Great video btw.