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Each series offers step-by-step training, with multiple bite-sized video lessons spread out over multiple days so you can learn, practice, and make real progress in a short amount of time. Click on the links below to sign up...

Getting Started On The Drums

Here's everything you need to get started on the drums - with easy-to-follow lessons on setting up your drumset, tuning, reading sheet music, learning your first beats and fills, all the way to playing your first song!

Includes: 9 video lessons with downloadable sheet music, and 1 play-along with downloadable MP3s.

About the Instructor: Jared Falk has been teaching online drum lessons for more than 16 years. He is the founder of, where you can get one new drum lesson every day.

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De-Stupefying Your Weak Hand

Most drummers struggle with a ‘stupid’ weak hand - often the left hand - and because of this, Dave Atkinson created a series that is 100% focused on improving your weak hand’s speed, dynamics, and independence.

Includes: 5 video lessons with PDF sheet music. 1 play-along with downloadable MP3s.

About the Instructor: Dave Atkinson has taught online drum lessons since 2006 and is the Community Manager at Drumeo. He currently plays with the Canadian rock-band YUCA.

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Fastest Way To Get Faster

In this hugely popular video series, Jared Falk will show you exactly how to double your speed around the entire drum kit. You'll also get exercises to improve your power, control, and endurance.

Includes: Three Modules, including 15 video exercises with accompanying PDFs.

About the Instructor: Jared Falk is a highly qualified instructor with 16+ years of experience playing, recording, and teaching drums. He has impacted over 200,000 drummers with his online lessons.

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The Michalkow Code

Mike Michalkow is renowned for his wide-range of playing styles. In this series, you'll learn how to become a more dynamic and versatile drummer - with his speed routine as well as lessons on reggae and the blues.

Includes: 2 video lessons with PDF sheet music. 1 play-along with downloadable MP3s.

About the Instructor: Mike Michalkow has taught drums for over 20 years - and has reached thousands of drummers with his "Drumming System" training pack.

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