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  • Dylan says:

    I think u r the best drummer ever, i like ur style, like how u mix punk and hip hop together, it sounds really awesome, ur the reason im ganna start drumming, after i get a kit of course… But i was wondering if u or anyone who reads this can tell me a good beginer brand drumset i was thinking ludwig accent series or a tama imperialstar

  • Rondel says:

    hey travis ure the BOMB man wow im crazy about drumming bro and i wana be as gud as u WOWW!!!

  • Bixby says:

    I LOVE YOU TRAVIS!!! You are the next Neal Pert!

    • Smangele says:

      Hi! I just touhght i would tell you something.. This is twice now I’ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great info! Keep up the good work.

    • cody says:

      hes pretty good but he not the next peart. the next peart is the almighty Joey Jordison, the next Jordison is Barker. but dont get me wrong barker is 1 of a kind and is the 3rd best drummer alive but he still got a ways to go b4 he is ne thing like peart.

  • Albert Richter says:

    Travis ! You’re the MAN !

  • charles says:

    Your my Idol travis

  • Aakash Iyer says:

    travis barker = \m/ = kickass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jose says:

      Stu Hunter’s suteis were really something. I heard only the start of The Muse, then had to duck out. I think The Gathering really benefited from the addition of Julien Wilson and James Greening. As you say, we need to get the jazz message out because there is lots out there crying out for an audience. Did you get to Mike Nock’s quintet? His double CD An Accumulation of Subtleties is excellent.


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