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  • cazzer says:


  • Kiddo says:

    The first time I watched Avenged Sevenfold’s music videos, all my attention was focused on him. He’s so special to me and my inspiration on learning drums

  • adam says:

    i agree man the rev was huge and still is and i know any metal fan has to know who the rev was and almost any drummer i talk to knows who the rev is he is truely amazing and he lives on no matter what ive only been drumming for five years i and i know the rev is one of my main influences and ive done some many reports on him from this website for my banddirector because he hates metal and i just know if he knows good drumming he knows this guy is amazing and when he died and m shadows decided to play so far away, the song the rev wrote, i cried through the whole video because they were friends for a long time and i cant amgine loosing a friend from so long and he was my influence and still is i like you dude just because of your comment live the rev on keep playing bro RIP REV WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aaron says:

      Yes! He is also my idol to drum. And it my all time favorite drummer. His drumming was so organic and unique. It’s really one of a kind!

  • Trevor Christensen says:

    same here

  • James Papazahariou says:

    This is why started drumming The Rev is my biggest influence in drumming and life. The Rev is a legend :) RIP Jimmy


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