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Cora Coleman
Bio Cora Coleman Facts
Name: Cora Coleman Drums: DW
Born: September 3, 1980 Cymbals: Sabian
Origin: Houston, Texas Sticks: Vater
Links: Official MySpace

Who Is Cora Coleman?

We are working on a new batch of drummer bios for We’ll be uploading Cora Coleman-Dunham’s bio very soon. Come back to this page in the near future to learn about Cora Coleman-Dunham, her drumming, her music and career.

In the mean time, have fun watching Cora Coleman-Dunham’s performances with the video section dedicated to her drumming. You can also check some photos from Cora Coleman-Dunham’s picture gallery.

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  • Dorothy Sublett says:

    Hello!Mrs. cora,I receive your black history brocureI’m glad you find my poetry rather interesting. Heard your sister stephanie loved them as well.Please contact me @ 713-631-3636/713-518-3721

  • Mayada Hawkins says:

    Hey there Cora, I just wanted to say yoy have come a long way. I am so proud of you and very happy ai got a chance to know you. Every time I see you on TV I am so happy because that is where you belong. Keep up the great work.

    Just in case you forgot who I was. Mayada Hawkins, Shelaya Parkers friend from Howard University. I had the small Sidekick truck, I let you drive that time.(fivespeed).We use to pick you up and drop you off at your dormroom. Also Lisa SIlver friend too.

    take care.

  • Mayra Paulin says:

    Hello Cora!!it’s me Mayra your god sister!!where did you disappear to??please answer me…

  • Samuel John says:

    I appreciate your drum skills. can i know more about drum?


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