Kyle Radomsky Drum Solo

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Drum soloing is an art form that comes in many different lengths, shapes and sizes. There are drummers who like telling stories with what they play and others who are all about showmanship and chops. However, there are also drummers who really like grooving with their drum solos, like Kyle Radomsky does in this video. Prepare to be entertained and get way more inspired and motivated about drumming.

For the development of this style of drum soloing you have to first work on groove. Another key component here is the way you move around the drum set. It’s essential to maneuver fluidly and graciously over the different components on your drum set. It’s what enables you to play musically and with intention. There are two free live drum lessons on that’ll do wonders for this aspect of your drumming: “Moving Around The Drum Set” and “Developing Speed Around The Kit.”

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