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Hands & Feet Separation

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Most free drum lessons on drum independence we’ve posted on DrumLessons.com focus almost exclusively on hi-hat foot independence and bass-drum foot independence. Working on hi-hat foot independence and bass drum independence is something you should definitely strive for, in order to acquire a higher level of drumming prowess. However, a certain level of hand independence needs to be developed for you to become a complete drum-set player. With that in mind, Jared Falk created this free drum lesson to take your independence a little further. By going through it you’ll learn how to incorporate your hands and feet into simple exercises that work on 4-way independence.

If you take a look at the sheet music provided, you’ll notice the exercises from this free drum lesson are basically a combination of linear patterns with quarter note hi-hat foot patterns. To get more millage out of this free drum lesson, go back to the one on left-foot independence and combine these exercises with the 8th note hi-hat patterns you’ll find there.

You can also take those left foot independence exercises and combine them with any other linear pattern from this website. Doing so is a great way to expand on the concept Jared Falk teaches in this free drum lesson. We encourage you to check the free drum lesson “Beginner 16th Note Linear Drum Fills” first and go from there.

This Lesson Has 11 Comments

  • elix says:

    hi ,I need a professional drum teacher… I know I can do greater just need someone nid videos to practices..

  • Andy Harris says:

    Jared, thank you for these lessons, you are an excellent teacher. I find I am able to understand these techniques the way you present them.

    Thanks a lot

  • Dave B says:

    is it possible that some people do not have the coordination to make it to the second part of that exercise? I have been trying to add in the left foot independent in part 2 and and cant get even one bar in??

  • Tracy says:

    Thanks Jared! This is what I needed.

  • Benjamin says:

    Great excercises ! Question: How Many time do we have to do each excercise?

  • steffen says:

    im struggling with match grip on my weak hand i cant get the proper rebound and im trying to find something that will help that…. as well as breaking the habit hitter harder the faster i play

  • Breely says:

    I’ve been looking around the Internet for this, these exercises are just what I’ve been needing to work on. Thank you! :)

  • Jesse says:

    I’m doing this perfect but it just does not sound right to me and im on perfect time with my metronome lol thanks for this though :)

  • michael arde says:

    now finally i have a pattern to seperate my feet and hands speed and duration to tap and strike the hi-hat better thanks for the video,jared falk!

  • gwanghakim says:


  • Timothaeus Trammer says:

    I have problems keeping my hihat hand separate from the bass drum


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